Getting your product idea manufactured and on store shelves can help you become financially independent.

Or it can completely devastate your will, your time, and your wallet.

Inventor Shortcuts offers comprehensive - and inexpensive - lists of names, emails and phone numbers for manufacturers that do licensing deals with inventors. Companies who are truly looking for new ideas to produce and sell.

The people who can get your invention to market in a fraction of the time you'd spend trying to do it alone.

We have direct contact info for product development teams, project and marketing managers and vice presidents who work with inventors, who
actually want to see your idea.

You may think you can find this info by searching for "free company contacts" links and at "inventor helper" sites, and you're not exactly wrong. Such lists do exist.

But often the contact info is totally out of date, with dead links, closed companies, and execs who've moved on to other positions.

Worse, more than half of the companies shown have never accepted outside invention submissions.

What a waste of time.

Don't bother with free contact lists. Try this instead...

The 3 Best Steps to Sell Your Invention Faster

Step 1

First, do your research...hit the stores.

Go to local department and discount stores and figure out which companies would appreciate your invention. Compare yours to those on the shelves. Take notes on contact info. Then look for those manufacturers online.

Yeah, it's that easy. Kinda fun too, this "licensee shopping".

(It just takes forever. And most of them won't work with you, but you won't know which are duds until you waste hours calling...)

It's wise to do research online too, especially if your invention isn't something you'd necessarily see in WalMart or Target.

Spend no less than 2 hours checking for iterations of your idea under products, patents, personal, shopping, news, even books and images. See our blog for more details.

We're Already on Step 2...

Pick one of our 
formatted sell sheets that suits your idea.  Each one includes all the professional elements you need to get your product idea across to licensing companies.

Download your favorite and get great copy ideas from real submitted invention ideas - sample titles and tag lines, features and benefits, and more.

Also use the layout, fonts, color blocks and general images to highlight your product idea. Change them a little, or change them a lot.

Another perk, you may never mail a sales sheet to a company, but they're print-ready just in case and make your submission look 100% professional.

Once your sell sheet's done, get a
professional written intro ready for your favorite companies.

License or Sell Your Invention Faster with Step 3...

Now here's the rub of looking for licensees without help. To send that
intro email letter and sell sheet, you've got to find the correct decision makers' info and call them first. This step can take a lifetime.

On your own, you'll simply call the company ask which employee works with inventors. Easy, right?

You could get that person immediately. More often, you'll have gate-keepers to schmooze. And of course 95% of the contacts you find don't work with inventors.

Our research saves you the hassle. You'll have the all the right people and info you need, while saving hours, days, weeks, literally months of time (no exaggeration) online and on the phone.

Best of all, our contacts actually want to hear from inventors like you.

Either way you'll need to follow these steps.

DIY it and you will get there eventually. We know because we've done it too.

But wouldn't you rather save time when renting out your idea? Use Inventor Shortcuts licensee contact lists and skip the fruitless research and the awkward phone calls that get shot down.

That's it! Follow Those 3 Simple Steps to Rent or Sell Your Invention More Quickly

Bottom line, if you've got a cool new invention, don't bother spending a couple thousand dollars on a product licensing mentor or course. Contests and submissions, for 99% of submitters, are a waste of money and frustration.

The three most important things the gurus'll tell you is what you're learning right here...

1) Do the research; make a list of potential contacts
2) Create your sales sheet from scratch or a template, and
3) Call every decision-maker you find until you get a yes or a no
    (If you hire an expensive guru remember they won't do it for you or even slip you a name)

Almost no one has that kind of time. Especially if you have a family, kids, pets, and a day job. And want to protect your tinker-time, nights and weekends.

Inventor Shortcuts products will help you get further down the invention trail in a fraction of the time it takes to figure it all out alone.

BTW, another step you may want to consider is getting a provisional patent from for extra protection. It depends on the field of your invention. If it's technical and/or has huge potential, definitely check it out online. Getting a PPA is not difficult or costly, but exceeds the scope of our products, so do your research.

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