The best contact lists & SELL SHEET templateS for inventors 

Maybe you're a struggling new inventor who needs to save money. Or you've been in the game for years and want to keep it real by DIYing good inventors do.

Like me, you've used designers and other helpers from freelance sites and know how tough it can be to get your ideas across. They may do good work in the end. But what should take a day or less can turn into a week or 10 days worth of back-and-forth.

Use an Inventor Shortcuts sell sheet template and you're already more than half way to selling your prototype, patent or invention.

We include perfect examples and ideas of what to write about the product you're trying to rent to big companies. Just pick out your favorite Inventor Shortcuts sell sheet template, buy and download, and get started!

Make a beautiful sales flyer and these licensees are more likely to open your email and seriously consider your idea.

Being clear about something you're so close to can be tough. Use just the right layout and help make your new product invention or prototype really easy to understand.

Most people know that benefits and features are key...but where are the best spots to insert them into your invention sell sheet?

You must have this info if you're going to sell or license your invention as fast as possible. Marketing managers and VPs will delete your email if you don't intrigue them on the spot.

Stop thinking so hard and use an Inventor Shortcuts can download your template immediately after purchase. This could very well be the fastest way to 
sell your invention!


About Our Invention Sell Sheet Templates

Ready to sell your invention or idea?

The .jpeg images you see in the Inventor Shortcuts store are merely incomplete versions of the full Adobe Photoshop .psd file sell sheet templates you'll download when you buy.

The complete .psd files have all the elements required in a professional sell sheet.

They'll show you great ideas and be a breeze to populate with your own info and ideas.

You'll have the formatting, placement, background images, and text and language ideas to create your own customized product sales sheet.

You'll even be able to print your completed work to send to those companies looking for inventions and product developers like you.

Learning Bonus: most of these sell sheets templates have been used to 
pitch real-life ideasprototypes, designs and kits to major manufacturers.

*FREE with each template: “How to Use Inventor Shortcuts Sell Sheets”
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Sell Sheet Templates Disclaimer
Naturally we can't guarantee that you'll sell or license your product idea, prototype

or invention to any company. Why might they decline? Cost, production and distribution

issues for the manufacturer; availability of similar products; the idea is already known

to the company; and the product concept itself may not be a strategic match for their product line.

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