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Company Contact Lists Disclaimer
Naturally we can't guarantee that you'll sell or license your product idea, prototype or invention to

any company. Why might they decline? Cost, production and distribution issues for the

manufacturer; availability of similar products; the idea is already known to the company; and the

product concept itself may not be a strategic match for their product line.

It's tough finding inventor intermediaries at mega manufacturers around North America...those monster companies that sell to corporate behemoths like Home Depot, Walmart and PetSmart.

Though some are well-hidden online at sites like LinkedIn, Bloomberg and Hoovers, we've done month's worth of work for you and found dozens of companies who license inventors.

The key to selling your idea or invention is finding VPs and marketing managers from companies who sell to mega retailers and online giants. Think Target, Michael's, OXO, Dick's, Fred Meyer's, Lowe's, Kohl's, Homegoods, JoAnn, Marshall's, Meijer, BJ's, Amazon, PetCo, Hobby Lobby, True Value, Best Buy, TJ Maxx and more.

After 4 years of research and calls, we've got legit invention helpers' info.

Most inventors keep their day job. If that's you, spending 30 to 60 minutes per business, per person, to find direct company contacts is out of the question.

Worse, you could waste all that time researching and never find
the right person.

You may wonder forever if that company even accepts inventor submissions.

We've taken the guesswork out of finding licensing manufacturers. Waste less time on research and spend more time reaching out. 

Inventor Shortcuts has REAL contact info for potential licensees in several different product categories.

We have inventor liaisons in companies that develop consumer goods you'll find in the largest department and online stores.

That means billion-dollar industries like toys, electronics, pets, gift ware, medical devices, kids and baby, lawn and garden, crafts, gadgets, storage, organization, cleaning, IT, novelty, sporting goods, kitchen, etc., etc.

Total store locations number in the tens of thousands. And their online presence is even more intense. For some, even catalog sales are no joke.

These are companies looking for ideas...for real.

Our lists include directors, VPs, liaisons and
managers at large manufacturers that produce

millions of dollars' worth of goods daily.

Decision-makers who've licensed inventors like you, real companies wanting ideas!

Enticing one to become your licensee is the fastest and most lucrative way to get your product in stores. They'll get you on the road to becoming a licensed and profitable inventor.

If you want to sell your invention and get it on the market, check out our
lists of companies who are looking for the next great invention. Then watch it sell in the thousands while you make a percentage of the profits!

​It's True...

Most Large Retailers Do NOT

Accept Outside Inventor Submissions

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