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Here's a great toy, kid & game product idea sell sheet template. It's easy to interchange colors if your idea fits toddlers, teens or boys better. Get just the right feel & companies will pay attention. Just $10





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​"Toy, Kid & Game Sell Sheet Template"
for Inventors and Designers

Get Your Sell Sheet Done by Tonight!

​Who do consumers spend more money on than themselves? Their kids of course!

And you've got a cool product prototype or design that'll blow kids' minds.

You want to sell your fun new toy or juvenile supply or accessory invention to companies that can take you and your product idea to market.

Now you need an idea sales sheet!

How do you describe it to companies that license inventors in ways that grab their attention?

With an Inventor Shortcuts sell sheet of course. This one has all the professional design elements you need to show off your tween prototype, thinking game or back-to-school product ideas too.

Make this sell sheet template completely your own, but in half the time it'd take to start from scratch.

Plus, you can use the format and copy shown, getting just the right descriptive ideas that work well in the industry. Gotta product suited for boys, just change the pink to blue or green.

On download you'll receive a .psd file that works in Adobe Photoshop.

Skip hiring a designer - save your time and money - this template gets you at least half-way there.

Use this toy-kid-game template to figure out what to say and where to put it, then share it with companies who accept toy idea submissions.

Inventing shouldn't be like rocket science. There are just a few steps, like researching your idea. Then design a sell sheet, and follow it up with calls to the right companies who'll manufacture your prototype.

Sounds easy right? More like simple, not easy...
simple steps to follow that take a lot of time! Shave that time down and spend it on your favorite people and hobbies instead.​​​

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