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Occasionally you'll come across a company (mostly in your own research) that requires a hard copy of your sell sheet mailed via post.

And when you really get lucky, some company will want to see a prototype of your product design.

Impress them with your professionalism; create your cover letter from our guide and make it look like you're a seasoned product developer.

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No inventing service can guarantee that they'll get your product to market (though some will try).

Inventor Shortcuts, however, can remove a lot of the waiting and wondering that's usually involved.

All that time wasted searching online for the decision-makers that can hone, prototype and distribute your invention.

All the money spent on trying to bring your prototype or concept to market by yourself.

Or wasted on inventing books, courses, contests, patents and submissions that lead nowhere.

If you're finding it painful to read this, you know just what we mean.

Our contact lists include the info you need to communicate directly with the inventor liaisons, vice presidents, marketing directors  and other legit inventing helpers who control whether their company will consider your project.

But when you call or email, what do you say?

We've constructed phone scripts, emails, and even bonus cover letter guides that you can customize to fit your product sell sheet (templates here).

All while looking perfectly professional, like you've been inventing and presenting forever.

It's just another great way Inventor Shortcuts saves you the time and energy you'd rather spend developing your prototype and new ideas instead.

"Inventor's Professional Communication Package"


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