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"PET PRODUCT Sell Sheet Template"
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This pet product idea - presented with this real idea sell sheet - has actually been pitched to major manufacturers who sell their wares in places like PetCo, Walmart, Pet Valu, Fred Meyer, Pet Smart, online pet stores, Pet Supplies "Plus", Target, and other department stores.

You might even make it a goal to get into local feed supply stores around the continent.

Sounds like small fish? In reality they could add thousands or more to your bottom line.

Pet industry revenues top $17.5 billion while the number of pets in homes has skyrocketed as the economy improves.

If you've got a super smart new pet product, design, treat, kit or puzzle - or an idea for one - the best sales sheet will spark imagination in potential licensees.

If you're proud to be a DIYer, you'll love saving hours while customizing this Inventor Shortcuts sales sheet template!

And avoid having to hurry-up-and-wait for an outside designer to make one for you, for $30, $50 or more.

Try this invention sell sheet template for your awesome new pet product idea - save many design hours yet end up with a complete and professional sales document.

Plus! You could use it over and over for more product ideas...just change the colors, text and images while leaving the basic layout. Or use the colors and it'll fit industries like tweens, kitchen and back-to-school.



invention sell sheet example

Here's the best pet product idea sell sheet template. Pet supply industry revenues reach into the billions. No surprise since many people spend as much money on their pets as themselves.  Just $10

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