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Outdoor, Fitness & Leisure

Sell Sheet Template

"OUTDOOR, FITNESS & LEISURE Sell Sheet Template"

for Product Developers

Get Your Sell Sheet Done by Tonight!

Your amazing new invention, idea and/or prototype will blow up the fitness world or make outdoor enthusiasts smile. Now it just needs attention from the right people if it's going to get into stores. 

Don't take the chance with a basic description in Word or Pages. Make it stand out with professional graphics and text that'll put execs on the edge of their chairs.

Take our example, and our pics, language and formatting, and make them your own. Quickly! Don't wait 10 days for a designer to get around to your job, or struggle on your own.

This sell sheet template for leisure and fun outdoor activities can be modified for your idea in just an hour or two.

Leisure products rack up $2 billion in revenues for retailers yearly.

Outdoor product yearly revenues are nearing $7 billion.

For the fitness industry we're talking $24 billion.

No typos here. Those are all "B's" you're looking at.

Does your product design deserve to see a bit of that action? 

Then get your sales sheet hammered out quickly.

Next start making calls to the VPs, marketing directors, and CEOs who can make you a real success! 

You can make it a goal to get into stores and catalogs like Cabela's, Dick's, LL Bean, and Eastern Mountain Sports. Our list has manufacturers that send goods to them daily.

With this sell sheet you get formatting, placement, background images, and text and language ideas to create your own customized product sales sheet. All on a flyer that's already been pitched to manufacturers; the perfect learning experience.

Like all our contact lists and sell sheets, this one comes with all the detailed instructions you need. Have fun and best of luck in your licensing quest!




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The best ideas often come from someone like you... someone who needs to fix a problem or make life easier. If you're an outdoor lover, show off your back yard to back country ideas with a professional sell sheet. Just $10

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