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outdoor, fitness & leisure

company contact list

Not sure which list you should get? Check out these outdoor categories and find your best fit:

  • Adventure gear 
  • Airbeds 
  • Apparel 
  • Archery 
  • Athletic gear 
  • Athletic storage
  • Backpacks 
  • Ball hoppers 
  • Ball pits 
  • Basketball 
  • Beach and grill 
  • Bikes & exercise equipment
  • Camping & backpacking 
  • Canopies
  • Climbing 
  • Cookware
  • Cooling accessories
  • Diving 
  • Fishing 
  • Fitness 
  • Footwear
  • Games
  • Geocaching 
  • Grilling
  • Hunting
  • Hydration
  • Inflatables 
  • Kids gear & vehicles
  • Lifestyle action sports
  • Lights, lighting
  • Outdoor fitness, strength 
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Outer wear 
  • Packs
  • Paddling 
  • Patio 
  • Play sets 
  • Pool toys, floats, games, decor 
  • Sensory products 
  • Snow toys, equipment & accessories
  • Survival
  • Swim training
  • Swimming, pools
  • Table tennis 
  • Tents 
  • Trampolines
  • Travel
  • Water leisure: toys & games 
  • Waterside
  • Weights 
  • Yoga

Many of our contacts produce goods across industry lines. Those in outdoor, fitness and leisure also produce and distribute in the following categories:

  • Automotive
  • Baby
  • Construction
  • Garden
  • ​Luggage
  • Pets - leads, bowls, harnesses, tags

For Kids' Outdoor, Fitness & Leisure goods contacts, see the Toy, Kid & Game List

Cabella’s. Sports Authority. Fred Meyer. Eastern Mountain Sports. Everlast. WalMart. Dick’s. Target. Trailblazer. Meijer. REI.

They’re just a few of the stores - online and off - that you’d love to see selling your cool new invention. And let’s net forget, the online, Amazon and ASOTV selling options are gigantic. 

But do you have the time, or the know-how, to find the right contacts?

You’re in luck, because you don’t have to.

We’ve got a real list of OUTDOOR, FITNESS & LEISURE companies that actually welcome submissions from inventors on a daily basis.

That's 18 companies looking for ideas and inventions, who've licensed other inventors and designers like you!

Yes, it's 100% real contact info for inventor-friendly businesses. All of them are potential licensees for your cool new product idea.

We’ve found the large manufacturers that between them produce millions of dollars' worth of goods daily, which are shipped to the stores and sites listed above, and so many more.

Enticing one to become your licensee is the fastest and most lucrative way to
get your product to market and becoming a bonafide inventor.

On this list you'll download 18 real contact names and titles (where applicable) of inventor liaisons, plus the info you truly need:

    1    Direct email addresses to decision makers
    2    Phone numbers (direct, cell and/or extensions)
    3    Company websites
    4    How to use the list - when to call, what to say, etc.
    5    Notes on how to approach individual contacts, where applicable

If you want creative directors, VP's and marketing managers that actually accept fitness or outdoor invention ideas, this list is your best bet.

These are the designer-friendly businesses that distribute outdoor and lifestyle equipment, fitness and swim accessories, grilling, hydration and cooling supplies, and much much more.

Hunting, apparel, waterside, strength, camping, biking, beach, patio - if it’s fit and fun and/or goes outside, they’ve got it.

These companies not only sell thousands of products on hundreds of sites online, their total physical store locations number in the thousands across North America and further.

Industry revenues are in the billions.

Now get online and spend hours finding the 2% of those companies who’ll work with an inventor like you!

Or not. You can save so much time by downloading our list now.

Why not start
contacting your licensees within minutes, instead of wasting your nights figuring out who they are.

Our up-to-date contacts have specifically told us they are looking for more inventions, prototypes and ideas all the time.

Your Inventor Shortcuts contact list also includes detailed instructions for proper use of contact info. 

You'll learn, for example, how helpful they are, exactly what to say to your contacts, how they prefer to be contacted, and more.

Only $3 per contact, with 18 of the best contacts total, plus 10 free bonus contacts!

Inventor's Licensing List of
18+ Outdoor, Fitness & Leisure Company Contacts

For Kids' Outdoor, Fitness & Leisure goods contacts, see the Toy, Kid & Game List

Also Included with "Outdoor, Fitness & Leisure Company Contacts"
FREE BONUS #2​ (worth $6)

“The No's - Outdoor, Fitness & Leisure Companies Who Do

NOT Accept Outside Submissions"

Save loads of time and heartache researching and calling companies who absolutely do not accept outside designer or inventor submissions.

This free bonus shows you 3 companies who do in-house development only. They're manufacturers who don't deal with outside inventors currently, if they ever have.

Companies you've been led to believe will entertain your invention idea at various inaccurate online "freebie contacts" lists and sites.

Find out for sure before wasting your day!

Disclaimer: Naturally there's
no guarantee you'll license your invention to any company. Cost, production and distribution issues, market demand, and/or availability of similar products may prohibit a license. Or your idea may simply not fit into any manufacturer's goals or product lines.

Also Included FREE With Your Purchase 

"How to Use Contact Lists" 

  • The best times to call
  • What to say to decision-makers
  • What if a receptionist answers
  • How to talk to colleagues
  • Leaving a voice mail that gets attention

Included with Outdoor, Fitness & Leisure Company Contacts…
FREE BONUS #1 (worth $14)

"The MAYBE'S: A Semi-Responsive Contact Info of Inventor-Friendly Outdoor, Fitness & Leisure Companies"

This FREE list gives you 7 companies and their direct contact info, people who may or may not get back to you after you send a sell sheet. We call them the "Maybe's".

They accept submissions but contact you ONLY if they feel your idea is the perfect fit for them.

For each manager or developer, this list, free with purchase, also includes:

    1    Contact person's name and title where available
    2    Phone numbers (direct corporate, cell and/or ext's)
    3    Their direct email address
    4    Company website urls
    5    Notes on how to approach, where applicable

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