You can definitely sell your invention with no money out-of-pocket. As long as you have spare time to find the kind of contacts that'll get you into the big stores.

All you need is about an hour to spend per contact.

Dread making tense phone calls to defunct numbers and unfriendly gate keepers?

Hate wasting time to finally get the right contact info…or a solid “no thanks”?

Yep, that’s the worst…being told that they don't work with outside product designers or care if you’ve built a life-changing invention.

Bet you prefer to spend your nights with family and friends or knocking out your to-do list. Or inventing more fun products and building prototypes.

We can eliminate all that frustration for you and keep your nights more invention-friendly.

This list has honest current contact info for inventor licensees for many categories of consumer goods.

Businesses that manufacture in several industries and don’t fit squarely into one of our other lists (like
kids, pets, and outdoor).

See the crazy-long lists of goods produced by these inventor helpers below. If you want to sell your new invention idea, or more than one, these manufacturers are your best bet.

Talk to them directly without having to circumnavigate phone menus, co-workers, and receptionists.

The fastest way to become a bonafide product designer is to talk directly to people who can help license you. Contests, patents, coaches, and inventing books can’t get you attention today, but Inventor Shortcuts probably will.

On this list you'll download 26 solid contact names of licensing decision-makers, plus:

    1    Direct email addresses to the director or manager
    2    Phone numbers (office, cell and/or extensions)
    3    Company websites
    4    How to use the list - when to call, what to say, etc.
    5    Notes on how to speak with individual contacts, where applicable

These are creative directors, vp's, inventor liaisons and marketing managers that will truly  accept your invention ideas and sell sheets.

They’re companies who don't really fit into one of our other, more focused Inventor Shortcuts

You’ll see them on shelves in large retailers - online and off. Think Home Goods, Bed Bath Beyond, Ocean State Job Lot, Amazon, BJ’s, Target, Kohl’s, Marshall’s, OXO, Fred Meyer, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Meijer, Best Buy, Macy’s, Sharper Image, Sam’s Club, Kroger’s, Nordstrom and Auto Zone.

Even grocery and discount stores, kitchen and office supply stores, gas stations, and book stores. Which together sell more goods than all the stores listed in the previous paragraph.

And they are all looking hard for the next new invention that could make you both millions!

If you think your product - or multiple product ideas - belongs in those stores and on those websites, you've found the right contact list.

Bet you’ve seen plenty of sites that list free - outdated, incorrect - inventor contact info.

This is nothing like that.

Online you’re more likely to find companies that do NOT accept submissions anymore. Or never have.

Inventor Shortcuts lists are current and legit.

Our contacts are waiting for YOU, and are even interested in seeing 2 or 3
new sell sheets from you weekly.

Lists also include instructions for using this info (see more quick tips at our

Only $3 per contact, with 26 contacts total. Nowhere else can you find this accurate long list of inventor-friendly companies.

Inventor's Licensing List of
26++ Multiple-Industry Company Contacts

Also included with "Multiple-Industry Company Contacts"

"34 Multiple-Industry Companies that Do NOT Accept Ideas"

Here we have 34 companies do not accept outside designer or inventor submissions.

They produce their own products in-house. Dealing with outside inventions is not for them.

Strangely, you’ll see many of them at “invention help” sites online. These websites claim they’re open to helping inventors get their idea into stores.

We’ve spoken to all of them ourselves and can legitimately tell you they don’t. So don’t waste your day doing research and your nights making useless calls.

If you're the kind of inventor that has multiple ideas and inventions across several categories, you'll find our real contact list a life-saving goldmine.

Turbo charge your inventing game with 26 strong multiple-industry contacts, a whopping 76 maybe’s, and 34 no’s. "Multiple-Industry Company Contacts":

Product info

26++ Multiple-Industry

Company Contacts

Why might we recommend a different list?

Here's an example. One company on the multiple-industry list specializes in kitchen

and storage, but also has a smaller line of outdoor products. For inventors who

design outdoor products only, the Outdoor, Fitness & Leisure List is better.

It has contacts that specialize in this category, versus dabbling in it.

If we don't have a list for your specialty alone (e.g. just tools or just kitchen),

your best contacts are here in the Multiple Industries List.

Are companies repeated across lists? Rarely; only 2 or 3 strong players make the cut on 3 or 4 lists.

The best contact lists & SELL SHEET templateS for inventors 

Included with the "Multiple-Industry Company Contacts" list...
FREE $152 BONUS #1

"The Maybe's: 76 Multiple-Industry Company Contacts"

Here you'll find a whopping 76 companies and their direct contact info, who’ll probably only email you back if they’re certain your invention’s a hit. Which is why we don’t charge for them. We call them the "Maybe's".

For each contact, this free list includes:

    1    Contact person's name and title where available
    2    Phone numbers (office, cell and/or extensions)
    3    Their direct email address
    4    Company website url
    5    Notes on how to approach, where applicable

Also Included FREE With Your Purchase 

"How to Use Contact Lists"

  • The best times to call
  • What to say to decision-makers
  • What if a receptionist answers
  • How to talk to colleagues
  • Leaving a voice mail that gets attention

Inventor Shortcuts © All rights reserved. No part of these publications - site text or download - may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including all electronic and mechanical methods, without prior written permission. Violations will be pursued. Information herein is strictly offered as a time-saver and not as a guarantee of success, nor is it meant to be construed as advice. No refunds; users take full responsibility for their actions. No physical products are shipped; info is available by download only.

  • Appliances
  • Auto, auto care, aftermarket
  • Baby & child: gates, play yards (Best: Toy, Kid & Game list)
  • Bath
  • Batteries
  • Bedding
  • Beverage & drinkware
  • Biologicals
  • Candy
  • Canning
  • College supplies, furniture, etc.
  • Comfort
  • Construction, tools
  • Consumables
  • Cooking
  • Cookware
  • Crystal
  • Decor
  • Desk & paper
  • Digital (Best: Cyber, Tech, etc. list)
  • Dining
  • Electronics (Best: Cyber, Tech, etc. list)
  • Family
  • Foam
  • Fun tools
  • Furniture
  • Gadgets
  • Games (Best: Toy, Kid & Game list)
  • Garden - containers, watering(Best: Garden list)
  • Gifts (Best: Craft & Novelty list)
  • Griddles
  • Hand and power tools
  • Hardware
  • Health & wellness, massage, relaxation

The manufacturers on the "Multiple-Industries Company Contacts List" design, develop and create goods in many categories. This contact list could answer your prayers if you're a serious trouble-shooter.

  • Healthcare (Best: see Medical list)
  • Heaters
  • Home decor, design, improvement, interiors
  • Hospitality (revenues exceed consumer)
  • Household cleaning tools & supplies
  • Industrial supply
  • Infomercial-type goods - multiple categories
  • Jewelry, collections
  • Kids - Infant, baby, toddler, youth, tween (Best: Toy, Kid & Game list)
  • Kids' vehicles (Best: Toy, Kid & Game list)
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen tools
  • Kits - maker, craft, science
  • Laundry
  • Lifestyle
  • Nursery (Best: Toy, Kid & Game list)
  • Office decor
  • Organization
  • Outdoors (Best: Outdoor, Fitness, Leisure)
  • Party
  • Personal
  • Pet equipment & supplies (Best: Pet list)
  • Pet - gates, houses, etc. (Best: Pet list)
  • Scissors
  • Seasonal & holidays
  • Skillets
  • Smart stuff, tech (Best: Cyber, Tech, etc. list)
  • Sports
  • Storage and organization
  • Toys (Best: Toy, Kid & Game list)
  • Transportation
  • Travel goods
  • Water treatment
  • Weddings
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