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Send your savvy custom flyer to companies who sell in every category of home goods. Or pitch this to hospitality companies, an industry whose revenues puts the consumer segment to shame!   Just $10

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​​"Home & Hospitality Sell Sheet Template"
for Product Developers and Designers

Get Your Sell Sheet Done by Tonight!

If you enjoy thinking up products that improve the way a home looks, feels or operates, this idea sell sheet template can highlight your invention beautifully.

Between household furnishings, equipments and supplies, the average home spends about $3,500 on products yearly.

Multiply that by 322,000,000 people in the U.S. alone and you soon see it's worth it for an inventor to license a product placement in the "home" category.

And you love to invent home goods but aren't fond of Photoshop or InDesign. This product flyer template provides all the shortcuts you need.

You've got a beautiful design improvement product idea...with a little creativity and this great "kitchen sink" idea flyer, your new invention will shine.

Strong familiar colors give this sell sheet a substantive feeling that casts an updated "Home" spell. We recommend sending your finished design to companies that can get you into Home Goods, Kohl's, OXO, Walmart, Target, Bed Bath Beyond, Marshall's, and more. (
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Some of the best ideas in the marketplace today come from regular people, moms and dads, teachers, assistants, police, nurses, wait staff, weekend warriors, and YOU!

See how Inventor Shortcuts can help product developers like you sell their inventions.

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