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​"Craft & Novelty Sell Sheet Template"
for Inventors and Designers
Get Your Sell Sheet Done by Tonight!

You've got a brilliant new craft or maker product idea that will make homes and DIYers sing...and now you need a sell sheet. It's the faster way to get your foot in the door at large manufacturers that buy and rent ideas.

Imagine your product in stores like Michael's, Make it Mine, JoAnn Fabrics, Jacquard, Hobby Lobby, American Crafts, I Love to Create, even Target, Kohl's, Meijer, Fred Meyer, Macy's or Home Goods.

But using Adobe Photoshop isn't the most fun you've ever had.

Maybe you don't want to hire a pro because it literally takes more time to get your point across to them than doing it yourself from scratch. Sometimes it takes days just to find the right designer.

Here's a template that'll help your idea brighten the room of any home in North America.

Show it off to potential licensees with this sweet sales sheet. You get all the elements and language that command the most attention. Plus it shows a product idea that's been presented to manufacturers.

This template also works great with back-to-school and sport invention ideas. Use an Inventor Shortcuts real product flyer for more than one of your new invention ideas and save money and time!​

Millions of people are seriously addicted to crafting and the maker movement.
Licensing a deal can get your invention sold by the hundreds or thousands.

You might try licensing or selling your office supplies or hospitality invention with this one too. Both industries are huge. In fact it's estimated that hospitality is as big as - or bigger than - all other industries combined.

Shorten your time to market by days with an Inventor Shortcuts sales sheet Photoshop .psd editable file.

also use this template for

product info: 

Craft & novelty

Sell Sheet Template​​





invention sell sheet example

When you buy this craft or novelty sell sheet template you’ll get a complete downloadable product flyer that has been pitched to major manufacturers. Plus detailed instructions on how to use it, included free.  Just $10

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