The best contact lists & SELL SHEET templateS for inventors 

What craft/novelty goods do these companies produce?

  • adhesives
  • block & screen printing
  • body art
  • calligraphy
  • canvas
  • card stock
  • ceramics
  • Cricut machines - cards, decor, invitations,favors, etc. 
  • custom dies
  • cutters
  • cutting pads
  • die cutting
  • DIY kits
  • dry erase
  • dye
  • embellishments
  • embossing
  • fabrics
  • film
  • glazes
  • glitter
  • glue guns
  • greeting cards
  • inks & pigments
  • jewelry 
  • kits
  • labels
  • microbeads
  • mounts
  • murals
  • paint
  • paintable
  • palettes
  • paper crafts
  • paper
  • pens
  • projects for kids
  • punch boards
  • punches
  • quilting
  • ribbon
  • rubber band games
  • scrapbooking
  • screen printing
  • stamping
  • stationery
  • stencils
  • stickers 
  • tie dye
  • transfers
  • trimmers
  • tweens
  • twine
  • wall art
  • wallpaper
  • weaving
  • yarn/string looping



Included with the "Craft & Novelty Company Contacts" list...

​FREE $38 BONUS #1 

"Semi-Responsive Contact Info of

Inventor-Friendly Craft & Novelty Companies"

When you purchase the main list, this FREE list gives you 19 companies and their direct contact info. They're people who may or may not get back to you after you send a sell sheet. We call them the "Maybe's".

They accept submissions but respond to you ONLY if they feel your idea is the perfect fit for them.

For each manager or developer, this list, included free with purchase, also includes the info you really need:

    1    Contact person's name and title where available
    2    Phone numbers (direct, cell and/or extensions)
    3    Their direct email address
    4    Company website urls
    5    Notes on how to approach, where applicable

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Also Included with the "Craft & Novelty Company Contacts" List...

"The No's - Craft & Novelty Companies Who Do

NOT Accept Outside Submissions"

Save loads of time and heartache researching and calling companies who absolutely do not accept outside designer or inventor submissions.

This free bonus shows you 6 companies who do in-house development only. They're manufacturers who don't deal with outside inventors currently, if they ever have.

Companies you've been led to believe will entertain your invention idea at various inaccurate online "freebie contacts" lists and sites.

Find out for sure before wasting your day!

Disclaimer: Naturally there's no guarantee you'll license your invention to any company.

Cost, production and distribution issues, market demand, and/or availability of similar products may prohibit a license. Or your idea may simply not fit into any manufacturer's goals or product lines.​​

If you've got multiple product ideas, this'll make you smile. Several of these companies do much more than just crafts. They also manufacture in these categories:​​

  • accessories (craft, personal, etc.)
  • auto
  • backsplashes
  • beauty
  • educational
  • fashion
  • gadgets
  • games
  • holiday/seasonal 
  • home decor
  • home
  • housewares
  • kids
  • kitchen
  • outdoor
  • party
  • personal
  • pets 
  • school supplies
  • sewing
  • storage
  • technical & specialty fabrics

Also Included FREE With Your Purchase 

"How to Use Contact Lists" 

  • The best times to call
  • What to say to decision-makers
  • What if a receptionist answers
  • How to talk to colleagues
  • Leaving a voice mail that gets attention

product info -

List: 20+ Craft & novelty

company contacts

You dream of getting your new craft invention, kit or novelty into Michael's, Bed Bath Beyond, WalMart, JoAnn's, Home Goods, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Job Lot, Marshall's, Target, TJ Maxx, Fred Meyer, and more.​ 

And everyone knows the online selling options are endless. But you just don't have the time, or maybe the know-how, to find the right contacts.

Well, we've done the hard work for you.

Here's a list of CRAFT & NOVELTY companies that actually accept product idea submissions from inventors on a daily basis.

We've got 20 craft and art supply companies who've licensed other inventors and designers!

We're talking real contact info for inventor-friendly businesses. Meaning potential licensees for your cool craft design or novelty idea.

We're talking
large manufacturers that between them produce millions of dollars' worth of goods daily, which are shipped to the stores listed above.

Enticing one to become your licensee is the fastest and most lucrative way to get your product to market and becoming a bona fide inventor.

On this list you'll download 20 contact names and titles (where applicable) of inventor liaisons, plus:

  1. Direct email addresses to the decision maker
  2. Phone numbers (direct, cell and/or extensions)
  3. Company websites
  4. How to use the list - when to call, what to say, etc.
  5. Notes on how to approach individual contacts, where applicable

If you want creative directors, VP's and marketing managers that actually accept craft kit and invention ideas, this list is your best bet.

These are the inventor-friendly manufacturers that distribute art supplies, craft kits of all kinds, craft-related accessories, fun novelties, tools and decorations, and so much more.

You’ll see the best companies on shelves in large retailers and toy and hobby stores. Also in  hundreds, perhaps thousands, of websites and small local stores.

They not only sell millions of products on thousands of sites online, their total physical store locations number in the thousands.

Think of the time you'll this info now
and start contacting your licensees right away.

Yes, you can find plenty of free "contact info" on the 'net...that'll never lead you anywhere. Most are desperately out of date or are just plain false.

Working on your own, you'll easily find the names of companies that absolutely do NOT accept submissions. 

And plenty of false info and dead links that lead nowhere.

But why waste hours finding out that these "free contacts" are dead ends.

You'll send
your craft sell sheet and anxiously wonder for weeks why these places aren't getting back to you.

They never do.

Our up-to-date contacts have specifically told us they are looking for more inventions, prototypes and ideas all the time.

Your Inventor Shortcuts contact list also includes detailed instructions for proper use of contact info. You'll learn, for example, how helpful they are, exactly what to say to your contacts, how they prefer to be contacted, and more.

Only $3 per contact, with 20 of the best contacts total, plus 23 free bonus contacts!

Inventor's Licensing List of
20+ Craft & Novelty Company Contacts

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