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Mistake #3 of the 7 Biggest Mistakes Inventors Make

Do's & Don'ts of Getting Your Invention Seen by Manufacturers

If you keep your idea to yourself, you'll never know if it'll inspire a sales tsunami. Here's the easiest and cheapest way to find out if licensing companies want your invention.


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Mistake #4 of the 7 Biggest Mistakes Inventors Make

Spending too Much Time in Tinkertown

We'd all love to play with our inventions more than anything else. But you've got to settle down and pick up that phone if you're going to find a manufacturing licensee.

Quick Licensing Tip #5

by Inventor Shortcuts

Should You Get a Provisional Patent?  Consider These Facts First

Your product idea needs to have certain design aspects to determine whether you need a patent or PPA. Listen to this video and the next two Quick Tips to protect your invention.

Mistake #2 of the 7 Biggest Mistakes Inventors Make

Draining Your Life Savings to Get a Prototype Made

Spending thousands on a prototype of your killer new invention could be disastrous. These tips  can help you through the process of prototyping and/or finding a company.

"Renting or Selling Your Invention"...

for People with Small Budgets & Day Jobs

Talking to Big Retailers Shouldn't Cost Much More than $100, and Could Very Well Cost You Zero

You have a flair for solving life’s little problems, and you have a smart product idea that you think should be on store shelves. 

Some companies will tell you their services - like courses, advice, or idea submissions that they (probably won't) pass along to big companies - will get your product flyer on decision-makers' desks. 

In the end you can waste a lot of money and time waiting to hear back or for contests to end…and be left wondering if anyone saw your submission. 

Few will tell you that to find the corporate decision-makers, you only need to do some easy - though time-consuming - legwork on your own.

If you want to save all that money and frustration, check out these quick audio tips - just a minute or two each - for getting your idea to the right product developers and marketing managers.

Can't see yourself losing out on family or inventing time for design and research? Check out our products. They'll make your inventing life so much easier.

To Your Licensing Success, Kristina  ​

Quick Licensing Tip #3

by Inventor Shortcuts

Pick up the Phone and Make Those Licensing Calls!

Yes, daily tasks need to be done, but you have to make time for calling manufacturers if you’re gonna get your product on the market. Can’t sell your idea if no one knows about it.

Inventor Shortcuts Quick Licensing Tip #1

Neglecting to See if Your Great Idea Has Already Been Done

...keep doing the research until you’re sure. Save your money on things like expensive prototypes, submitting to contests, and product gurus until you’ve hashed it out completely.

Inventor Shortcuts Quick Licensing Tip #2

Sell or License Your Invention Idea with a Great Sell Sheet

What's important about your idea? Does it help pets or makes your kids self-esteem grow and saves the environment at the same time? Last forever and save money?

Quick Licensing Tip #4

by Inventor Shortcuts

Finding Companies that License and Work with Inventors

Finding manufacturers and contacts who can get your product to market takes plenty of research. Start on their websites - try the “contact”, “about us” and “FAQ” pages first.

Mistake #5 of the 7 Biggest Mistakes Inventors Make

Communication Issues: How to Approach Potential Licensees

What's the right way to contact the decision-makers at your favorite companies? Call before jumping to email. Save yourself time and worry while maintaining professionalism.

Quick Licensing Tip #6 by Inventor Shortcuts

How can I tell if my idea needs a patent?

There are a number of ways to know whether your product is patent-worthy. Start with these guidelines. Becoming a confirmed inventor may or may not include this step.

Mistake #6 of the 7 Biggest Mistakes Inventors Make

Hiring an inventing coach or service versus the DIY route.

Though it may seem comforting to have an "expert" on your side, can you get started in licensing your invention via the self-help route? Because saving time, money and aggravation is key.

Mistake #1 of the 7 Biggest Mistakes Inventors Make

Your Idea Sell Sheet is Confusing, Scattered, or Pointless

Aimless text, long paragraphs, and not getting to the point will destroy your flyer. Another issue - addressing the company.  Hook the future customer with how useful your invention is.

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