Common Sell Sheet Screw-Ups

Getting your point across to a potential licensee must be done at first glance, or you risk losing their attention

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Get Light Bulb ON

Mostly in order; read top to bottom

Inventors' First Steps: Researching for Uniqueness

Is your idea unique or a re-vamp? Finding out everything about potential look-a-likes is crucial. Here’s how to see if your product or prototype runs with the herd or independently.

What's Better, a Patent or a Provisional Patent?

There's some debate over how much protection a new inventor needs for their product idea. Learn what one experienced product developer recommends.

The Cure to Making Those Uncomfortable Calls

Knowing your product inside-out is key to being able to get licensee confidence and peak their interest in your invention. Here's how to talk to manufacturers accurately and easily.

How to Find Product Licensees for Your Idea 2
More smart, real tips on finding the best licensees for your ingenious new product idea. Don't be fooled by free lists and other imitators.

How to Find Product Licensees for Your Idea 1

If only it were as easy as typing "free manufacturing company info" into a search engine. Let's get real; there are more steps involved. Find out here for free.

Jumping to the Front; More on Making Contact

A few more inspirational words and reminders on the correct way to initiate your search for a licensee. Know the steps by heart and skip the heartache. Yes, I really said that :)

The best contact lists & SELL SHEET templateS for inventors 
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