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Kristina Powell
KGP Enterprises, Inc.
(860) 859-9711
Fax: (call in advance) (860) 859-9711


Kristina Powell has nurtured an inventive flare all her life, imagining designs, tools and products that would make life easier since she was a pre-teen. She made her official foray in the home design category in 2012.

Ms. Powell has been written up in every major local newspaper in SE Connecticut (New London Day, the Resident, the Norwich Bulletin, the Pipeline, the Post Road Review, the Resident, the Thames River Times, and many online venues).

Kristina has been interviewed by small radio stations (710am and 106.5). She’s also been in WSJ and Woman’s World.

She has lectured and presented workshops at nearly every local educational facility (Stonington Enrichment, Adventures in Lifelong Learning, Norwich Adult Education, local libraries, local professional and social groups, Sullivan Event Planning, and at her professional facility in Preston).

Her latest project is, a site dedicated to helping inventors avoid the endless pitfalls of the inventing world.

Powell’s website includes free articles and videos meant to direct builders, creatives, designers, etc., toward inexpensive methods of licensing a product idea for royalties.

Ms. Powell publishes an occasional eLetter, “Lightbulb ON”, which further enlightens subscribers about the licensing game.

Kristina has dealt with being a crazy-brained inventor from a young age. It's said that cursing out a problem is the mother of invention.

At age 49 in near-adulthood she likes to thank her kick-ass I.S. team (holla's, tech-husband Paul and admin Steph) for enabling her to reach the status of multi-category dream-weaver.

Together we fly inventors over the endless dead-end hoops on the way to international licensing success.

Like most, our downtime equals family, fun and food; plus dreaming up new products and ways to enable the galaxy's best innovators.

Creative brainwork, giggles, and rubber gears highlight our days. Not to mention karaoke and kitties…

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