If You've Been Trying to Get Your Invention into Stores, You've Likely Hit Endless Roadblocks in Your Attempts to Sell or License Your New Product Idea.

Plenty of Inventing Gurus, Submission Sites, Coaches, Contests, and Courses Promise They'll Give You the Real Invention Help and Advice You Need. But Often at a Steep Price with Zero Results.

And You've Probably Found All the "Free Company Contact" Sites with Dead Links or Downright False Info. What a Disappointing Waste of Time.

Here's Your Chance to Learn the Secrets of Getting Right to the Decision-Makers that Product Developers Like You Need to Talk to. 

Dear Frustrated Inventor,

You've discovered the fastest and easiest way to get a direct line to the manufacturers that can get your invention on the market. They're already sending products to mega stores like Walmart, PetCo, Home Depot, Michael's, Target, PetSmart, Lowe's, Meijer, PetValu, True Value, Ford, Fred Meyer, plus thousands of grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, gas stations, etc.

Why not yours too?

And they're sending them all around the world. Denver to  Sydney, DC to Europe, Oklahoma to Toronto...the chance to sell to millions explodes every time these companies enter a new market.

Online and ASOTV sales are also huge. Doesn't matter if you invent kitchen goodies, kid stuff, medical or garden equipment, pool or pet toys, products that help the environment or the elderly, or gadgets, tools or auto accessories. Even catalog sales are still cookin'!

If you want to know how to license your idea quickly, it's not by submitting to a site and then waiting 8 weeks before you realize you're not going to hear back from anyone. You need to contact the right people directly!

It's about taking these simple steps and getting to the right vice presidents, marketing managers and other inventor liaisons, possibly by the end of the week!

Plus, you may need help presenting your idea. You're covered with our sell sheet templates, which we designed and literally submitted to these monster corporations ourselves. Learn what gets attention and how to show off your product. See what's already been done in your industry, and what benefits, captions and colors to use.


At the very least you'll find out from the experienced professionals you'll contact if your idea needs tweaking before it can go on the market. And you'll find out by tomorrow!

Our contacts are inventor-friendly and are actually waiting to hear from you. Most of them are so helpful they'll give you tips and additional contacts even if they don't license you themselves.


Complete REAL contact info or sell sheet templates that'll up your game overnight

Plus serious Contact and Sell Sheet BONUSES to make it all 10 times easier. See the products shop for details.

To Your Inventing Success,

Gus Raines

Product Developer, Creator of Inventor Shortcuts

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